What is influencer marketing, and how can it help my business? What do I need to know before jumping in?

Influencer marketing generated $1.6 billion in advertising revenue on Instagram alone in 2018. That number is projected to rise.. 

65% of marketers say that they will increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year. 

With the rise of influencer marketing, businesses may use actual individuals to advertise their goods in genuine time and with real, big effects. As a result, influencer marketing is an excellent approach to reach your target demographic while also increasing brand recognition among like-minded people.

What is an influencer?

There are many definitions of an influencer, but most people agree that it’s a person who has created a devoted following on social media, blogs, or other platforms and has the ability to influence others through content creation.

Influencers, as you can see, do not have a clear or precise definition. The majority of these definitions focus on an influencer’s ability to create content for and interact with their audience. Some definitions emphasize an influencer’s role, while others focus on his or her potential reach. They all appear to agree that influencers are individuals who have the ability to educate, engage, and influence a large number of people.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the practice of enlisting external content creators, also known as influencers, to promote and interact with your company’s message. The influencers submit their work to their followers, increasing brand awareness and assisting in the conversion of their audience into consumers.

Digital influencers are trend-setters and taste-makers of today, with audiences seeking for their recommendations in order to influence their purchasing decisions. Influencer marketing is more than just Instagram feeds or YouTube unboxing videos.

Influencer marketing may include any of the following: 

  • Reviews on social media are a great way to get some much-needed exposure.
  • Unboxing videos
  • Product placements in creative content (either with or without a direct reference from the influencer)
  • Sharing the brand’s campaigns and new product launches
  • Providing a one-of-a-kind coupon code so that the influencer’s followers may get a great bargain.
  • Collaborating to develop a co-branded product or campaign with an influencer.
  • Giveaways or freebies on the influencer’s platforms
  • Organizing events that the influencer or your brand will likely participate in
  • Supporting influencers’ causes by donating items to their fundraisers and events
  • Create content like videos, blog entries, and social media advertising for your company by enlisting influencers.

The possibilities for what an influencer and a company can do together are endless. In reality, the greatest partnerships take creative approaches to keep their consumers interested.

Where are Influencers?

With the importance of influencers increasing every year, marketers are scurrying to find influencers to collaborate with. The issue is that where are the influencers?

Influencer refers to Instagram users with large followings in most cases. The word “influencers” also applies more broadly to content producers who have a following on every social media platform.

What platforms do your consumers use?

When choosing which influencers to collaborate with, keep in mind where your target audience hangs out. These influencers will have more influence than others discovered on other social media platforms if your audience is largely found on Instagram. Using existing consumer information can also assist you in narrowing down the search for influencers to the social media platforms that your customers are already familiar with.

Influencers can be found on social networks (such as Instagram) and blogs, as well as other digital platforms. However, it is critical to figure out where your target audience hangs out before dealing with influencers on a specific platform.

Finding influencers who can advocate for your business is a little more complicated than finding those who will promote it. Finding individuals who are already interested in your company is the key to locating influencers that can effectively promote it. Using an app like Carro, you may search through your present client lists for people who have engaged with your organization previously. Because the influencer has previously loved your product, they will be able to authentically discuss it.

Influencer Marketing: The Future of Digital Brand Content

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing channels. Instagram presently influences purchasing decisions as the #6 most important platform (Source: Hubspot). In other words, customers today desire authentic recommendations from everyday people. Influencers provide a brand with the opportunity to share without the slickness of traditional brand marketing.

Influencer marketing may help you reach new people and leads while also raising brand awareness for existing customers. As a result, influencers allow companies to offer their items and messaging in a creative, approachable, and entertaining way. As a result of its originality and honesty, it conquers consumers’ loyalty.