Trello is a collaborative project management tool that helps teams plan tasks and projects. It allows users to break down large, intimidating projects into smaller components that they can organize on boards within Trello.
Using visual cues like checklists and cards, you can easily track the progress of ongoing work while seeing exactly where everything fits in relation to one another as it relates to each task or project level at hand- making sure nothing gets missed along the way! With built-in integrations with dozens of software tools such as Gmail, Slack, Google Drive (and more), your team will never miss an important read receipt again because all updates are visible right from inside their respective apps without ever having to be sent back out for review.

Why use Trello?

  • Visualize Project Workflows: Present projects visually using Kanban and Scrum layouts. Add list columns for team requirements and name them according to their workflow stages while keeping items organized and identifying bottlenecks. 
  • Hit Deadlines: Add due dates to cards and set reminders for everyone. Easily view due dates on cards, which turn red when past deadlines. 
  • Intuitive Interface: Move cards between columns with drag-and-drop capabilities or switch the order of columns. 
  • Centralized Collaboration: Facilitate communication within teams, add description boxes, attachments and comment threads to cards. Mention and add team members to cards to identify who’s responsible for each task. 
  • Track Details: Cards display relevant details about a task. Labels identify the card’s purpose, status or other specific information. Add a checklist to track items associated with a task and show or hide a card’s activity. 
  • Work With External Users: Invite guests to single or multiple boards to collaborate. Provide selective access without compromising boards that are for internal use only. 
  • Simplify Communication: Connects with email so users can comment on Trello cards and share attachments directly from their inbox. Each board is assigned a specific email address, which enables creating cards from email as well. 
  • Stay Updated: Change updates let users know when they are tagged, or a member is moved to another column. Set notifications for email, mobile, desktop and the app. 

Free Version: Create unlimited personal boards, cards and lists, along with one power-up per board for free. Include ten team boards, basic automation via integration with Butler and two-factor authentication.

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