ContentCal is a cloud-based content management software that aids marketing firms in planning and publishing social media postings. Post scheduling, keyword filtering, collaboration, approval procedures, editing, feedback analysis, and filtered search are just a few of its features.

The ContentCal platform provides an integrated social calendar that allows employees to add and share photos with their coworkers. To collaborate on future postings, teams may use ContentCal. Users can create workflows for single or multi-step evaluations using ContentCal. Staff may tag items by category or theme, then drag and drop pieces into their calendar to schedule them. The ability to filter searches allows team members to locate material and modify the display of their calendars.

ContentCal allows writers to adjust header colors and settings for posts, as well as obtain team input before posting. Marketers can monitor social media engagement and follower development across platforms, as well as distribute reports with coworkers and clients, and evaluate social performance across several social networking accounts using ContentCal. ContentCal connects to a variety of third-party tools including Zapier, Slack, and Trello.